Values easily surpass ANY strategy.
Build an organization based on core values.

Why values matter?

Values are significant part of our lives. They define ourselves in various ways, determining
our ambitions and therefore helping us to set our goals and objectives.


Goals & objectives

Employees admit that value-based recognition simplifies the root understanding of the company’s goals and objectives.



Employees aware of the company’s core values are much more engaged at work.



Employees with frequent value-based recognition are closely attached to the company’s lifecycle.

Core values

The backbone of the company’s culture is being formed exclusively by the executive board.
Ways of treating people by the company, as well as the values’ nature itself, are commenced informally at the very beginning. And whilst they are being developed, they eventually become an organizational habit. If you desire to build an appropriate enterprise, make sure you comprehend how crucial the core values are.


As core values are the most powerful motivator of human ideas and activities, they simply make people better.


Values, unlike many strategies, are regarded as morally right qualities which are always worth of striving for.


Values, as key principles of the organization, provide high-level guidance and security.


Values clearly define the most important things to us.


Goals, concepts, ideals, business cases, action patterns, attributes etc. – they are all rooted within the core values.

We can help

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3xR - Recognize. Repeat. Reward

“People work for money, but go that extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.”

Dale Carnegie


High quality feedback and recognition drive performance and progress. The key is to recognize people for their work and values.


Begin with yourself, create and follow your company’s core values and then become an undisputed example for your employees.


Motivate and appreciate your employees in every single way. Give them both high quality feedback and valuable experience.

Start your Recognize, Repeat & Reward process now!

Values are significant part of our lives. They define ourselves in
various ways, determining our ambitions and therefore helping us to set our goals and objectives.

Step 1: Put your values to work

  • Set your values in the centre --- of your company.
  • Hire people with your values --- in mind.
  • Acquaint new people with the focus on organizational work --- what are the rules and values.

Step 2: Enable recognition

  • Define recognitions based on your core values.
  • Recognize frequently.
  • Put the recognitions at the centre of your organizational culture.

Step 3: Instant feedback

  • Provide high quality feedback.
  • Reward people with recognition.
  • Instead of waiting for review cycles, do it on the spot.

Download the Feedbook App

Submit high quality feedback about your project colleagues and share a good word when one has done a great job. With such an approach you will quickly and naturally promote core values within your organization.

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